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EnduraFlake Garage Floor Coating

If you're looking to enhance the strength and style of your garage floor, you've come to the right place. Enduraflake is a specialized epoxy floor coating that can truly elevate the look and durability of your garage.

So, what exactly is Enduraflake? It's a resilient and long-lasting epoxy coating that is applied over existing concrete slab garage floors. Think of it as a protective shield that safeguards your floor against scratches, chemicals, and unsightly stains. Its robust nature ensures that even heavy vehicles and tools won't leave a mark.

If you've been looking for that showroom floor, EnduraFlake makes it possible. Learn more about this coating below.

Is EnduraFlake Right for You?

No matter if you use your garage for parking or as a workshop, it's important to take care of it, especially the concrete flooring.

By being proactive, our garage floor coating contractors, can prevent common wear and tear problems that can be harder to fix if left unmaintained. If you see signs like cracks in the concrete or stains on the floor, it's time to call in the professionals.

Our garage floor coating specialists can fix these issues and make your floor look new again. Don't waste your money on coatings that wont last. Don't attempt a DIY job that will likely turn into a disaster.

Let the pros at Sierra Stone Kootenay's install EnduraFlake. You'll be happy you did!

Benefits of EnduraFlake

  1. Durability: Discover the incredible benefits of EnduraFlake's durability. It protects against chemicals and everyday damage. With its tough top coat and sleek finish, EnduraFlake provides the durability you require while keeping your desired style intact.
  2. Aesthetic appeal: With EnduraFlake, you can forget about the hassle and expense of replacing what you already have. With a range of customizable color options and stunning glossy finishes, EnduraFlake is the best choice for giving your floor a stylish update without breaking the bank.
  3. Low maintenance: EnduraFlake makes garage floor cleaning very easy. The finished surface will withstand stains, spills, and other mishaps that will destroy concrete. Sweep it, spray it. Done!

Garage Floor Coating Colors

With EnduraFlake, we offer 4 basic colors that you can blend together to get that perfect look that suits your space.


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